The Why Parent is a unique parenting approach, integrating positive psychology strategies to help us as parents and our children to be happy and have greater self-esteem. It helps parents have a deeper understanding of ‘why’ we parent in the way we do. This in turn ensures a long lasting positive relationship with our children

Have you ever promised yourself that you would parent in a different from the way you were parented and feel you are saying and doing things to your children that you regret? Have you ever raised you voice, threatened, bribed or used time out you’re your children knowing that it is not the way you want to be? Then the Why Parent is for you.

Parents who have experienced the Why Parent process have said they are getting more hugs, being approached by their children more often, experiencing better communication and ultimately have a more positive, calmer and happier family life.

Be more confident about what to say and do with your children

Find a more peaceful, authentic approach to parenting

Have clarity about your style of parenting

Have a more loving connection with your children
My book, Parentuality, describes The Why Parent Approach.

It simplifies popular parenting philosophies and approaches down to nine essential elements to help any challenge we may be facing as a parent.

It helps parents understand their children better which results in happier, more confident children and a calmer family life.


How to Have an Amazing
Relationship with Your Child